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Turn it up with Music Freedom™ Listen to music not ads.
We got rid of domestic overages—and we’re challenging other carriers to do the same. Help send the message that overage fees are wrong.
The Next Big Thing Is Here. Advanced camera. Stunning screen. Built-in fitness tools. See what you can do with the new Samsung Galaxy S® 5.
It's easy to add a line. Visit the new FAQ page to get answers to any questions you may have.
The tech press is raving about the all-new LG G3. It’s jam packed with oh-wow features. Get one for yourself and see what the buzz is about.
The HTC One M8 is here. Experience this critically acclaimed smartphone and do the things you want with exceptional convenience and ease.
Manage your money your way. A combination money management app and T-Mobile Visa ® Prepaid Card, Mobile Money is a revolutionary new way to manage your money.
4G LTE—Now the fastest in the nation. Download videos, stream music, & share pictures better & faster than you ever thought possible.

What's Happening Now

Whats happening now

T-Mobile USA
  • Go ahead, find a better trade-in offer. We double dog dare you.

    Best Trade-In Value
    What does T-Mobile have that AT&T doesn’t? Four lines with unlimited talk and text plus 10GB of 4G LTE data, that’s 2.5GB for each line, per month until 2016—all while on our data strong network. Plus no domestic overages and no annual service contracts. So why not switch to T-Mobile today!

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  • Let's get this figured out. DM me your phone number and I'll have someone reach out asap.