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Bet your recent move was a blast. Not.

But now that the tough part is over, here are some useful tips to get you settled. Connect in more places with Wi-Fi Calling. If you happen to be in a place where you have few or no bars but have a Wi-Fi internet connection—in a basement room or a high rise building in downtown, for instance—you can still get coverage on your T-Mobile smartphone for no extra cost. Wi-Fi calling is already included in your plan. Learn more about Wi-Fi calli...

Get the most out of your smartphone

Keep your T-Mobile Windows smartphone running like new. Follow these helpful tips to optimize battery life, memory & data usage.

Optimize your memory

Learn how to optimize your Windows mobile phone memory usage, speed it up, and keep it running like new. Get details at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile® Global Coverage – Frequently Asked Questions

Relax—your smartphone is covered

Stop worrying about damaging or losing your smartphone by signing up for premium handset protection insurance.

Easily manage your account on the go

Get on-the-go access to your T-Mobile account to set alerts, get support, and more—right from your phone.


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