Now you can upgrade when you want

You spoke and we heard you loud and clear. Two years is too long to wait for an upgrade. Rate plans have been complex, contracts have been too restrictive, and it’s been too hard to stay within your voice and data limits.

But T-Mobile ® is fixing all that—thanks to you. Here’s how.

We’re giving you the best upgrade program in wireless.
We’ve made it affordable to upgrade to the latest smartphones without waiting two years. On our Simple Choice Plan, you can get the phone you want, when you want, at a low up front cost.
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Our best selection of 4G LTE smartphones.
You’ll now have our best selection of the latest phones, smartphones, and 4G LTE devices to choose from—including the latest iPhone 5.
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A nationwide 4G LTE network .
T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network is now the fastest in the nation, delivering 4G LTE speeds more consistently than any of the national providers. LTE means ultra-fast web browsing, uploads, and downloads.

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Everything’s unlimited.
Our Simple Choice Plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data on our network. No more overages. And you can add extra lines—all with unlimited talk, text, and data—at an affordable price. 
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Unlimited global coverage is yours—for no extra charge.
You’ll get unlimited data and texting while traveling in more than 120+ countries—plus voice calls for only $0.20 per minuteall included in most Simple Choice and New Classic plans at no extra cost.
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Hear it from the CEO.
Check out the video and listen to what new T-Mobile CEO John Legere has to say about how we’re changing the game—thanks to you.

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Now you can upgrade when you want

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