T-Mobile FamilyWhere's Child Locator Software

Keep a watchful eye on kids and loved ones

Let’s face it: we can’t know exactly where our family is 100 percent of the time. With advances in our mobile technology, though, we are getting pretty close. T-Mobile® FamilyWhere™ allows you to find out where your kids and loved ones are using their mobile phone’s location—and it’s as easy as using an app on your Android™-powered smartphone or logging in to your account on the Internet.

  • Let family members check in with you via text message or see where they are on a map in real-time
  • Get text notifications when the people you’re following are visiting new places—and even schedule automatic location checks
  • Use any capable device—your smartphone, tablet, or computer—to keep track of everyone—no GPS or extra software is required

Take one less worry off your list: download FamilyWhere on your phone today.

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Keep a watchful eye on kids and loved ones

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