Optimize your phone’s performance with some simple memory management tips.

You love your smartphone and everything it does to help you get work done: sending and receiving emails, downloading and uploading PDFs on the go, processing transactions, specialty business apps, even turn-by-turn directions come in handy. And they all use memory. Keep your phone running like new by keeping its memory clutter-free.

Utilizing these quick memory management tips will help keep your phone working at its peak performance, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently, even on the go.

Clean up your browser
Get rid of temporary files that may come from web browsing on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly.

Android Powered Phone:
Restarting your phone regularly will maximize your storage capacity and keep it blazing fast.

Windows Phone:
For Internet Explorer® 8: Press Start, select “Internet Explorer,” then “Safety,” then “Delete Browsing History,” and select the check box next to “Cookies.”

For Internet Explorer 9: Press Start, swipe to the app menu, select “Settings,” then swipe to “Application Settings,” select “Internet Explorer,” then “Delete History.”

Open your “Browser,” select “Options,” then scroll down to “Clear Browsing Data,” select the types of browsing you want to delete, including passwords, history, cookies, cache, and select “Clear Now.” 

Lighten your load
Store your documents and photos online, rather than on your phone, with FREE services like Dropbox, Google Docs™, or SkyDrive.

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Optimize your phone’s performance with some simple memory management tips.

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