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4G LTE—Now the fastest in the nation. Download videos, stream music, & share pictures better & faster than you ever thought possible.
More data. No extra cost. The Simple Choice plan now includes more 4G LTE high-speed data and more countries & destinations—at no extra cost.
Another way to stay connected. With Wi‑Fi Calling, you can talk and text without searching for a mobile signal. It’s free, so get started now.
On-the-go Internet for your tablet. See how easy it is to stay connected just about anywhere with Mobile Internet.
Wi-Fi Calling for Travelers. No matter your journey, stay connected with tips for using Wi‑Fi Calling, domestically and internationally.
Get Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost. Setup is quick and easy and takes less than five minutes, so get started now.
Welcome to nationwide 4G LTE. T-Mobile's fastest nationwide 4G LTE network delivers the most consistently fast 4G LTE speeds.
Better call quality than AT&T. T-Mobile® beats AT&T in call clarity and offers HD Voice nationwide—hear the difference for yourself.
Globe-shaking news! T-Mobile's unlimited nationwide data coverage just went global in 100+ countries—no extra charge.
Do you live near the border? T‑Mobile's data coverage just went global in 100+ countries! Here's important info if you live near the border.
Keep overages away for good. No one likes an unexpected overage charge, that’s why T-Mobile makes it easier to avoid them. Find out how.