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Your new bill is simpler than ever.


We heard your comments and started from scratch to build you a better bill, a bill with all the info and none of the confusion.


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 Account Snapshot

The first page provides a quick snapshot of your account: previous balances, payments, credits, and adjustments. The total due and the date it’s needed are up front and in bold.


 Bill Highlights

We’ve added a Bill Highlights box to alert you to any changes made since your last bill, or to call out other important information. Use the numbers next to each line to locate additional details within your bill.


 Current Charges

Under Current Charges you can see how your plan, equipment, taxes, and fees apply to each line.

If you’re a member of our JUMP!™ Program, you’ll see that charge listed here as well.


 Additional Highlights

Along the left side, you’ll find additional boxes highlighting changes, plan data, and any current EIP balances—so you’ll always know what your current charges are paying for.

To see specific call details for each line, log in to My T-Mobile.

Your bill gives you all you need to know in a format that’s easy to digest because we believe that when wireless is simple, your bill should be too—just what you’d expect from T-Mobile®.


Say goodbye to a paper bill and save a tree. Go paperless at t-mobile.com/paperlessbill.

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Your new bill is simpler than ever.

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