Avoid those unexpected overages

Enjoy a worry-free mobile experience with these tools that banish bill shock by keeping away unexpected overage charges.

Overage Alerts
T-Mobile automatically notifies you with a free text message when you come close to exceeding your plan’s voice and text message limits, and again when those limits have been reached. These messages are also sent to the primary account holder.

At your limit but not done yet? T-Mobile lets you adjust your plan right from your phone—before overage charges are incurred.

Data Usage
T-Mobile will also notify you with a free text message before you reach your allotted data plan usage, and again when you’ve reached your allotment.

If you’re on a pay-per-use data plan, the first time you access the Internet with your device, you will be notified of how your data usage will be charged. These messages are also sent to the primary account holder.

To ensure you have the plan that best fits your needs, use T-Mobile’s helpful Data Calculator to quickly assess your monthly data needs. Or check your data plan usage by viewing your Data Usage Meter from the myAccount application or by signing in to My T-Mobile.

Content Blocking
Content Blocking is a free add-on feature that gives you the option to block ALL chargeable downloads billed through T-Mobile. It’s your worry-free way to avoid unwanted charges from downloadable content—like games, ringtones, wallpaper, and CallerTunes®.

Family Allowances®
If you have a family plan, Family Allowances makes it easy to set upfront minute, message, and download limits for each line. So you never have to worry about surprises on your monthly bill.

International Usage Alerts
When you’re traveling internationally, T-Mobile will notify you with a free text message to alert you that roaming charges are higher for voice, text, data, and email applications.

Eliminate Overages Altogether
Only T-Mobile’s unlimited nationwide 4G data plan lets you enjoy limitless 4G data, talk and text from coast-to coast. So you can live your life without limits and never worry about overages again. See How it Works.

Avoid those unexpected overages

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