Improve coverage in your home with a Signal Booster.

A Signal Booster not only gives you clearer and more reliable coverage for your calls, it also gives you data coverage, web surfing, emailing, texting, and more.

Is a Signal Booster right for you?
1. Do you have a 3G/4G phone?
Whether your phone is from T-Mobile® or you brought your own device, your phone must be either 3G or 4G for the Signal Booster to work. Check your device for a 3G or 4G network icon.

Still not sure? Read your manual or search online for your device specifications.

2. Do you have at least one bar of coverage?
To use the Signal Booster, you must have at least one bar of consistent 3G or 4G coverage in at least one room of your home. Your handset needs to show the 3G or 4G network logo and at least one bar of coverage where you plan on locating the window unit.

Quick and easy installation:
A Signal Booster can be used right out of the box—just place the window unit where you have the strongest 3G or 4G signal and the coverage unit in the opposite corner of your home. Plug them both in and take advantage of a boost in coverage.To see if you qualify for a Signal Booster, call 1-877-810-5065 and say “Coverage” at the prompt.

Watch the installation video

Installation FAQ

Improve coverage in your home with a Signal Booster.

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