How to set up your voicemail account

T-Mobile voicemail lets you easily retrieve and manage your voice messages, and is included with your T-Mobile plan. Once voicemail is set up, callers can leave a message at any time, whether your phone is in use or turned off, so you’ll never miss an important message.

To set up your voicemail account, follow these steps:

Please note:
You must complete all four steps to access your new voice mailbox.

  1. On your new device, press and hold “1” or dial 1-2-3.
  2. If prompted for a password the first time you access your new voicemail account, enter the last four digits of your mobile number.
  3. When prompted, create your new password. Your password can be any 4 to 7 digit code.
  4. Record your greeting and name. Try smiling as you speak, it will inject your voice with a warm, relaxed tone.

You will now have full access to your voicemail account.

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How to set up your voicemail account

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